[1969 TR6]

1969 Triumph CC Series TR6

I purchased this car from a friend named Vern Grigsby. Vern and I had first met when he had contacted me for assistance with repairing his damaged crankshaft main bearing end cap. After some discussions about his problem, he ordered a pair of solid alloy thrust washers, and also decided to have his end cap modified for a 360 degree solid alloy thrust washer bearing to help improve his engine setup.

You can read more about potential TR6 thrust washer problems at www.customthrustwashers.com

After many phone calls back and forth, we had become fast friends while sharing stories about our common interest in Triumphs. I enjoyed learning about his many past car experiences, and his fairly long history with the Triumph marque. Years ago he worked for a Triumph dealership in Alabama, and had some interesting past experience with these cars.

Vern was a Vietnam War veteran who had been blown up by a land mine in Vietnam while serving our country in the military at a young age. He survived his injuries, and was then sent home with an honorable discharge. Needless to say, he was a recipient of the Purple Heart medal.

Later in life, his injuries began to take their toll on him, and he wasn't able to spend very much quality time with his car. He had good days and bad days, but his bad days seemed to be outnumbering his good days. He had to make the hard decision to find a new owner who would take good care of the car, and during one of our conversations, he asked if I would have an interest in buying his car? I wasn't looking for a car at the time, but the timing seemed right for me, and it now has a good owner.

Shortly after I brought the car home, Vern and I began spending time on the telephone going over some of the things he had intended to do to make improvements to the car. I could tell this was going to include many future telephone conversations. This was good for me, because there were a lot of things I needed to know about the car and I would enjoy learning as much as I could about its past.

After only a few more conversations with Vern, I received a phone call from his nephew. Vern had passed away unexpectedly. This was a very sad day for me, as well as all of his loved ones, and I've vowed to take good care of his car for as long as I can. Vern was a great guy, and I know God will take good care of him.


Vern during better days with his car


Vern was a bonofide car guy
Me standing next to his 427 cid Cobra replica
But not to worry....I'll always be a TR fan first and foremost!


Ready for the trip home with the TR6



Another stop for gasoline

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